How to sell Chinese goods on Instagram in Ukraine

The development of modern business requires a lot of time, knowledge and preparation. It is not enough to find suppliers, buy a batch of goods and order delivery, you need to determine your buyer, to whom you can sell the existing products. And Instagram can help with this. Instabusiness allows you to profitably sell Chinese and Turkish goods in Ukraine through Instagram. Want to know more?

What is Instagram

Instagram is a free Internet application with elements of a social network, where photos and videos are exchanged between users. If initially the goal of Instagram was the usual exchange of information, now this application can be safely called one of the most effective sales channels.

The main advantage of Instagram sales is the ability to create a beautiful picture and a well-composed proposal that will help you realize your product or service.

What products are profitable to sell through Instagram

Sales with the help of Instagram did not appear today, so the application already has its own statistics of goods that are in greater demand than others. It:

everything related to the beauty industry: cosmetics, grooming positions, cosmetics with natural ingredients, etc .;
fashionable and inexpensive wardrobe items, replicas of famous brands;
handmade products (from original homemade soap to jewelry and toys);
products for confectioners;
accessories, especially original or limited editions;
lucrative offers in the retail and entertainment sector;
auto accessories;
techno novelties;
Goods for pets;
cosmetic and dental services.

Of course, with the ability to properly promote the product, you can even sell those that are not included in this list, so we offer you some tips on how to start selling on Instagram.

How to start selling

First of all, you need to download the application and register an account. This can be your personal account or work, with the appropriate name. If you use a personal one, then you should be very selective in what you post.


The profile must be completed in the language in which it will be more convenient for your subscribers to read. It is necessary to provide thesis information about your activity.
Be sure to indicate the contacts on the page where you can be contacted.
The next step is to create a unique tag containing the name of your company. For example: # or #Original_bags. Sometimes the name turns out to be non-unique, so you need to add a little originality and instead of #leathershoes you can write #bestleathershoes, etc.
Come up with a design, it should be memorable and thematic. If you sell auto parts it is stupid to put a picture with flowers on your avatar, will you agree?
This is followed by a very large-scale and important stage – the selection of images. Photos and images on Instagram are the main content that grabs attention, advertises the product and sells it profitably. Only unique photos should be used!

Think about how you present your product. On what background, in what packaging. Even the smallest details matter on Instagram.

For a start, about 10 entries will be enough, then you need to regularly update your account.

The search on Instagram is carried out by a hashtag, so every photo, every post that you add to your profile must be appropriately signed with the selected tags: #leathershoes, #leather shoes, #bestleathershoes, #original shoes, etc.
Text information is usually placed under the picture. It can be just information about products, or it can be a high-quality text that will interest the subscriber and push him to buy.

After your profile is completed, you need to distribute the available budgetary funds and decide how much you can spend on page promotion, and how much for the purchase and delivery of goods from Turkey or China.

You can promote your business both independently and with the help of a marketing agency or smm-specialist. In any case, business promotion begins with the analysis and search for the target audience.

Advice! If you have in mind a well-promoted and successful account of your competitors, then you can go to them and get a few ideas, this will help you understand how to move on.

Sales can start with developing a personal brand or advertising a product. It is worth saying that both methods work, often even together.

On Instagram, you can successfully use the built-in advertising capabilities, order advertising posts from various bloggers that your target audience is subscribed to, and promote your account with the help of high-quality content.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect a quick profit right away, however, regularity and persistence, the desire to develop and earn will certainly bring the desired effect, and we will help you by quickly and efficiently delivering your goods from China.

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